Room Additions

Room AddtionFeel like incorporating a sunroom into your home? Need a large room to be turned into two smaller rooms? Or a portion of a living room to be made into a bedroom? Maybe you want to convert the corner of an upstairs area into an enclosed full bath. Or you want to extend the square footage of your home by some other means.

At Blue Chip Bath and Remodeling, room additions, conversions, and upgrades are no problem. We enjoy helping you make your home the totally satisfying place you intend for it to be.

We’ll transform your ideas into reality, with results that will impress and please you. That’s because we take the time to completely understand your needs and wishes. Then we make sure we have the concept down perfectly, so the work proceeds in a timely and efficient manner.

You don’t want to waste time having your contractor come back and fix what he did wrong. So we get it right the first time, and verify that we’re on track as we go along, clarifying things, double checking, and ensuring that you get what you want.

Room Addition

Whether you’re re-purposing an existing space, or adding onto your home and increasing your space, Blue Chip Bath and Remodeling will take the project from the construction planning stage to a finished product you can be proud of and happy with, for many years to come.

Some of the important considerations for room additions include:

Demolition. Square footage. Traffic flow. Plumbing. Insulation. Ceilings. Wiring. Electrical outlets. Foundations.  Footers. Framing. Zoning. Permits. HVAC. Flooring. Carpeting. Tiles. Stairs. Banisters. Alcoves. Fireplaces. Ledges. Atriums. Corridors. Breezeways. Ramps. Verandas. Vestibules. Parlours. Colonnades. Arches. Porticos. Vaults. Balustrades. Door hanging. Window installation. Sills. Crown molding. Wall painting. Woodwork. Closets. Resale value.

If you have questions about any of these items, feel free to ask for our advice. Contact us for a FREE estimate and discussion about your room addition project. It may be a lot more affordable than you realize.

Whatever type of room modification or addition you require, Blue Chip Bath and Remodeling can get it done. Swiftly, with superior craftsmanship, and on budget.

Pick up the phone and give us a ring right now. We’re as excited to start working on your room addition project as you are to see it finished and ready to enjoy.

We’re ready to make it happen. Act now.

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